Gavin Fairhall Lever Trio - Hui Hui Ng
Logo and CD artwork created for the launch album of the Gavin Fairhall Lever Trio
Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Identity, Logo, CD Design, Music
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Gavin Fairhall Lever Trio

Gavin Fairhall Lever brings together three acclaimed musicians to present a fresh, contemporary folk music born of their diverse roots. Punk fiddle meets jazz bass and Balkan guitar, in a colourful mix of the traditional and the original.


I was commissioned to design the group’s new logo, and the CD artwork for their debut album, Gavin Fairhall Lever.


For the logo, a modern, quirky and slightly distressed sans serif font appropriately represents the structured and improvised nature of their folk and jazz roots. Bright reds and orange textures reflect the often bright and complex layers in the group’s style.


The front cover is an ambiguous meld of photos, colours and textures, echoing the rich blend of styles each musician brings to the mix.


The CD booklet within, comprises of  black and white photos, balanced with clean texts. The art direction of these inner pages continues some of the grittiness of the front image, though presenting a more spacious feel.


There is an openness and simplicity to the photography and layout, and frequent presence of natural forms allude to the flavours of their folk roots.



Gavin Fairhall Lever Trio


Logo and CD artwork


Logo, CD Design, Print, Music